About Us

Who we are.

Epidexia is a boutique Software Development brand owned by Daidal Pty Ltd and based in Melbourne - Australia. Epidexia evolved out of a need to do something completely different. Alex Alexander is the Principal of Daidal P/L and Epidexia. His current title is Creative Director which in a euphemism for "I'm going to do everything myself!". He designs the software applications, creates all the graphic art, codes the software using Livecode, tests the application, fixes the bugs/undocumented features, and finally releases the software application for all to enjoy.

Out Motto

"Delivering Adept Solutions" describes our key driver for building and delivering software solutions that are easy to use and fit for purpose.

Out Name

Epidexia, is derived from the Greek word Epidexios (Επιδεξιος) meaning skilful, expert, dextrous, adept, virtuoso, proficient. We aspire to be all of these when we create our apps.