epiPRACTM - Key Features

epiPRACTM has been designed with the Practitioner in mind. We know that managing your business as well as looking after your clients is not an easy task. This Software Solution has been developed because we needed an application that would manage our own Nutrition and Reiki practice. After careful consideration we found that we needed the flexibility and ease of use of an iPad to help us look after our clients.

Manage Clients

A flexible and easy to use interface that lets you set up new clients quick smart. if your clients are already on your iPad then it's simple to import them into the epiPRACTM application. Keep track of their medical Background, Alergies and Current Medication. Use another three configurable fields to keep information that is relevant to your practice. Scroll through the Clinical Notes history with a couple of swipes.

Manage Clinical Notes

This is the key feature of epiPRACTM. There are two different ways to access appointment notes. Once you have made an appointment for your client keep all the information in one place. You can also track your patient's progress through the Diagnostics feature which allows you to capture pain management information such as Shoulder, Neck, Back and other specific areas. There are four text fields (enough to write a novel) that you can configure to suit your practice. Configure the software to use standard Clinical Notes (SOAP, DART, DA(R)P or PAIP) with a single tap. There is a fifth field that you can use to prepare a diet plan or some exercises that you can email to your client with two taps of your fingers.

Manage Calendar

The landing page features today's appointments. Tap on one of the times and you are presented with a full appointment panel that lets you pick the client and the duration. One tap and you can see your whole week or month. Swipe left or right to skip through the calendar. Tap on Today to get a list of today's appointments. Review the appointments one at a time. Skip to next day, send eMail or SMS reminders.

Manage Billing

Preparing an Invoice is simple. Tap on the client field to get a list of clients. Pick a client. Tap on the product code for a list of codes relevant to your practice. Tap again to print the invoice or send it to your client via email. Once a client is selected you can see a summary of all their past invoices.

Manage Reporting

One tap gives you reports about your invoices, your receipts, your GST/VAT liability, your inventory or your long standing clients.

Manage the App

We've made epiPRACTM very flexible. Most of the text fields are configurable. If you want to call Postcode something else like Zip or Zipcode, you can. If your Clients are "Customers" you can change any reference from Clients to Customers and vice versa very easily. You can decide what type of appointments you want. Configure standard Clinical Notes (SOAP, DART, DA(R)P, PAIP) or make up your own labels. You can set up your Clinic/Practice details (now with multiple Practitioners and Locations). Set up and maintain your Services and Products. Configure your eMail and SMS default wording. And you can get help... Lots of help!